Hunt A Killer: The Melancholy Killer

Hunt A Killer: The Melancholy Killer

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Hunt A Killer presents... The Melancholy Killer

A story by guest writer Peter Gillespie, producer of America's Most Wanted.

An imprisoned serial killer, known for leaving poems on his victims' bodies, has been murdered. His last act... leaving you his belongings. His vocal fan base protests he didn't commit the murders. Why did he leave you his property? Was an innocent man behind bars and a killer walking free?

This package includes a briefcase, T-shirt, pendant, case files and details of the murders, and the last property the killer has left.

Experience details:

  • A single case, all in one premium container
  • Story told through physical items
  • Investigate your way to the end
  • Spoiler letter included
  • Due to graphic content, recommended for ages 18+
*You will be receiving a first edition of The Melancholy Killer which will be available to ship starting 12/12*