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Hunt A Killer

Mallory Rock Box Set

Mallory Rock Box Set

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A woman’s body washes ashore on tourist island Mallory Rock. Her death is ruled an accident, but her sister Gwen knows there’s more to the death than reported. Help Gwen expose hidden secrets and catch the killer in this thrilling murder mystery game.



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  • Back Track: Requires referencing evidence found in earlier episodes
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence
  • Challenging Ciphers: At least one challenging code or cipher

Product Details

  • Get all 6 boxes at once (that’s 10-15 hours of gameplay!). No subscription required.

  • Solve puzzles, and examine archival documents and private correspondence in order to glean details that the police may have missed.

This box is perfect for:

  • The true crime fanatic who questions everything they read.

  • unique gift for the sleuth who has everything.

  • Transforming ordinary game night into a thrilling investigation.

Hunt A Killer is an immersive murder mystery game with a case told over the course of six “episodes”. Each episode is filled with clues and physical items such as autopsy reports, witness statements, and more. Use these clues to solve the ongoing murder mystery. In the final episode, you’ll be able to catch the killer!

How to Hunt A Killer

For each episode:

  1. Check the Objective Card in each box as your goal may change each episode.
  2. Set aside time to dig into the box and read all the materials.
  3. Examine the evidence to uncover critical clues, corroborate alibis, create timelines, and identify each suspect’s means, motive, and opportunity.

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Play alone or cooperatively in immersive, story-driven board games. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.

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There's been a murder off the coast of Maine. Can you solve it?

  • An unfolding Murder Mystery told in 6 parts (episodes)
  • 5-7x longer than the standalone games
  • Combines physical evidence with online gameplay

Mallory Rock seems like a typical tourist destination on the Atlantic seaboard, but it has a dark history and many secrets. When Beth Hendricks’ death is ruled an accident, her sister Gwen begins an investigation that will blow the lid off the island’s past. But she needs your help to solve the mystery!

  • Get to know the residents of this quaint coastal town. Dig into their motives and relationships to determine who might be guilty of murder.
  • Examine archival documents and private correspondence to glean details that the police may have missed.
  • Establish a timeline of events that transpired on the night of Beth’s death.
  • Put all the clues together and bring Beth’s murderer to justice before they strike again.

Someone from the small island community of Mallory Rock knows the truth. Can you solve this mystery and find justice for Beth?

What's In The Box



Game Play Elements:

  • Back Track: Requires referencing evidence found in earlier episodes
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence
  • Challenging Ciphers: At least one challenging code or cipher

What’s in the first episode? How exactly did Beth Ferris-Hendricks die? Your first task will be to discover the location of where Beth’s body first entered the water.

Created by: Derrick Smith
Based on a story by: Hannah Tsiopanos
Written by: Erin Kwong, Abigail-Taylor-Sansom, Arianna Goodman
Designed by: Krystle Alder
Game Design by: KC Chaney